Base & Floor

The steel frame is constructed out steel beams the size is 120mm x 64 mm all sections are welded well from both sides for extra strength. The distance between the sections does not exceed 2 meters. Every frame or cabin is set with steel legs unless engine otherwise. We use 2 cots of RED OXIDE Primer as a rust inhibiter.

  1. We weld steel tubes 80 mm x 40 mm x 2 mm thick crossed in both directions every 60 CM for extra stability and strength.   
  2. We use 18mm cement board in all of our floors which is fire rated up to 60 minutes (one hour).
  3. We use nylon carpet or 2 mm vinyl PVC floor covering. You may upgrade to ceramic tile or high end carpet and pay the difference in cost. 

Exterior & Interior walls  

  1. The standard (corners ) steel lags are made 50mm x50mm x 2mm
  2. The steel structure is made off 40mm x40mm x2mm thick steel tubes crossed in both directions
    every 120CM horizontal and 60CM vertical.
  3. We use thermo insulator 16kg/m. Rockwool
  4. The exterior walls are 6mm cement board one hour fire rated. The exterior walls are premiered and painted with high end exterior paint
  5. Interior walls are made with 1aalimrna2mm gypsum board. We use fiber glass tape to cover the connections between the boards then all walls are trimmed on the bottom. All walls are primed and painted.
  6. Celling walls are made with 9mm gypsum board. The celling is treated the same as the vertical walls with fiber glass tape and joint compound. All walls then primed & painted with matching color to the rest of the inside.




  1. All roofs are structured from steel trusses made with 40mm x 40mm x2mm thick steel tubes set at 120CM on center. The A shape frame ranges between 40cm and 60CM in height depending on the cabins width.
    The  cross steel tubes 40mm x 40mm x 1.5mm are spread at 65 cm on center and welded to the steel trusses for stability and extra support.
  2. The corrugated aluminum is lighter than steel and never rust.
  3. We use self-taping galvanized rubber base screws.
  4. We install thermal insulation 16kg 100 mm in thickness (Rockwool) or fiber glass insulation.
  5. Installing rain gutters on both sides to drain water to the gable end of the cabin.
  6. In side Kitchens and bathrooms we would use alloy material like aluminum for the callings.    
  7. Trim all cabins on the inside with decorative Cornish for better astatically luxuries appearance.  
  8. Doors and windows
  9. We use aluminum doors and single glassed windows as a standard. Double glassed is an upgrade option. The frame is white powder coted. There are 5 different colors to choose from
    all glass is reflective with options in different colors.
  10. We use rectangle doors and windows you may upgrade to arched windows and doors.
  11. Wooden doors are available as an upgrade like Meranti and Teak wood.
  12. Glass is 6mm thick.  Aluminum is 1.2 to 1.4 mm thick. Doors are 90 cm wide. Windows are
  13. 100 CM x 120 CM.
  14. We offer UPVC windows and doors Standard double glassed as at additional cost.

Electrical & Fire safety.

  1. of the electrical work is done in accordance with the standards of Kahrama.
  2. We use European made DB & GSS electrical cables
  3. We use energy saving lights ( Florescent Bulb)
  4. We use humidity resistant switches and light fixtures in bathrooms.
  5. All rest rooms are complete with 12 or 16 Gallon hot water heater.
  6. All electrical cables are installed in the walls.
  7. If you require civil defense compliance cabin we can arrange that for you at additional cost.  


A suitable electric water heater of European manufactured is installed. 8"X8" Exhaust fans in toilet, Copper pipes for hot & cold water outside the walls (for easy maintenance), Western W/C, Shower tray with plastic curtain, Ceramic Wash Basin installed on wooden cupboard. A Stainless steel sink (single bowl) is provided with wooden cupboard under the sink.