1.                    B    A   S   E

            Base composed of Steel Frame of “ I  "  Beams size (100X55)mm with male & female welding not exceeding 2.00 Meters centers in both directions, sand blasted & Painted with two coats of Red oxide primer for all inside beams plus one more gloss coat enamel oil paint for outside Beams. Supporting legs of Steel " I " Beams Height  100mm are fixed based with 200X200X6mm Steel sheet. Steel Flat bars 50X5mm are welded on top of base beams to which external walls are Bolted & Screwed.

2.                    F   L   O   O   R   S    

            Floors are constructed of White Timber joists size (100X50) mm distributed each 600mm Centers fixed between the lips of " I " Beams of steel frame work. Over this goes layer of 15mm cement board resting on steel I  Beam frame screwed to timber joists insuring a rigid base finished with cotton carpet 5mm or PVC Sheets.

All above are fixed with first Quality adhesives.

           Skirtings 50X15mm made of White wood painted by oil paint are fixed around the walls.

3.                    E  X  T  E  R  N  A L    W  A  L  L S

            External walls Frames constructed of Soft white wood of 45X45mm Horizontal & Vertical Studs at 600mm centers for Horizontal ones which are fixed between Vertical studs. Vertical studs are fixed at 1220mm centres. Frames are covered externally with 5.2mm thick plywood painted with wood primer coat, Finished with Sand Tex paint, weather proof & heat resistance & faced internally with 3.6mm thick Decorative plywood both are glued & nailed to wooden studs.

             Insulation is provided by Rockwool with a density of 30 Kg / M3 placed between studs.


4.                    I  N  T  E  R  N  A  L    W  A  L  L  S

            Internal walls frames are constructed of 45X45mm white timber studs exactly same as external walls. But both sides are covered with 3.6mm Decorative plywood glued & nailed to wooden studs without any insulation.

In toilets walls are covered with 3.6mm thick glazed plywood (Like Tiles or Similar) Nailed to wooden studs.

5.                    R   O   O   F

            Roof Frame work is constructed of STEEL TRUSSES 1220mm centers, height of truss is ranging between 300mm to 500mm (according to span of the cabins) over which are fixed Purlins made of steel tubes 40X40X1.5mm  650mm centers approx. covered by Aluminium Trapezoidal Corrugated Sheets 24 gauge fixed to purlins with self tapping Bolts with rubber washers.

            Insulation of 50mm thick & a density of 30Kg / M3 Rock wool Mattress is laid down between Alum. sheets & false ceiling. False ceiling comprises of 5.2mm com. Plywood glued & nailed to wooden frame made of 45X45mm white wood joists 600mm centers hanged with 20X3mm Steel Flat bar welded to steel tubes which will not allow any failure in the false ceiling.


6.                    D  O  O  R  S   /   I  N  T  E  R  N  A  L   

            Internal doors are made of semi solid with double faced pressed Teak Plywood 45mm thick painted with lacquer.

            In toilets doors are made of semi solid frame covered from both sides with polyester plywood.

7.                    D  O  O  R  S   /   E  X  T  E  R  N  A  L

            External Doors are made of semi solid covered by 3.6mm thick plywood Stripped with Merantee timber all round & hang with Brass hinges on merantee wooden frame. Painted with oil paint or Lacquer. All Doors Locks of European origin.


8.                    W   I   N   D   O   W   S

            Aluminium Windows are made of suitable Aluminium powder coated sections, white colour Horizontal sliding type with movable fly net protective screen.


9.                    E  L  E  C  T  R  I  C  A  L

            All Electrical wiring run inside walls through P.V.C. conduits & terminating at a Distribution Board, Complete with Main Switch & Circuit Breakers. All wiring, accessories, Distribution boards & Fittings are of Europian Origin in toilets all fittings are weather proof.

            Weather proof Bulkhead light fittings are fixed externally over each External Door.


10.               P L U M B I N G  &  D R A I N A G E

 A suitable electric water heater of european manufacture is installed. Exhaust fans in Toilet 8”X8”. Copper pipes outside the walls (for easy maintenance) for hot & cold water.  Western W/C , Shower tray with plastic curtain, Ceramic Wash Basin will be installed.